Some Things Don't Work Out #4

Some Things Don't Work Out #4 is the final issue of my collaborative anthology comic (this was the description I decided on, I don't know if it helps). It's got three comics adapted  from three short fiction pieces A Very Tidy Haunting by G.A. Sankey,  Killdeer by C.C. Reid, and Bon Voyage by Rachel Ann Brickner adapted into comics by me, Daniel Wyke. Two of the stories feature returning protagonists from issue two. 

ALSO for the first time, you can buy it online along with the past issues of Some Things.  

Buy this book

It's currently available at  my favorite comics shop The Copacetic Comics Company here in Pittsburgh, PA. It might also still be available at Chicago Comics, but don't quote me. 

24 pages, black & white, 5 x 7.5 inches.